Website Content Writing & Editing

Website Content and Editing
Website Content Writing and Editing

Nonprofit Solutions International has the capabilities to perfect your website content and advise on design elements.  In many instances, websites only need modifications, editing, or enhancements such as video interviews or brief narratives, accompanied by memorable images illustrating your organization’s achievements. Personal story is a very effective element to include in your website since both donors and funders react positively–and will remember–named individuals, along with their stories of growth and transformation, in photos and video on your website.

And did you know that websites featuring a video receive a 62% greater individual donation rate than all-text sites?

Keep in mind that often it only takes an objective perspective and a fresh pair of eyes to effectively evaluate your website’s design and donor/funder appeal.  From time to time we offer a free website audit when you engage us for consulting services. Check our landing page and How We Work with You under the Consulting tab on the main menu for an announcement of this offer.