Who We Are


Our Executive Director, Susanne Thomas, PhD, has more than twenty-years of management and development experience in the nonprofit sector. She is a consummate writer and professional editor in the English language and is passionate about helping you fulfill your organization’s mission, all the while exceeding your expectations.

She has significant expertise in international as well as domestic programming, with lengthy experience working abroad in the nonprofit sector. Dr. Thomas, who earned her PhD from Emory University in Modern Languages & Literatures, is multilingual and has formal training in cross-culture, in addition to practical overseas program management experience.  A full profile is available on Linked-In at http://www.linkedin.com/in/susannethomas .


A former online news editor for a CBS-TV station, Alex Montano has been in the forefront of web development for nearly 20 years. Having access to extensive user feedback and data from a major news organization enables Alex to provide a unique, educated perspective about what works – and what doesn’t – online.
Whether it’s building a website for a local artist, an online store selling 50,000 products, or a membership-based site for an international professional association, Alex can help your businesses develop a sensible and effective online presence.
Contact Alex at alex.montano@gmail.com .



“JL” Rupert, BBA, earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Georgia State University’s highly-ranked program in business studies.  JL researches grant opportunities for Nonprofit Solutions International and advises his own clients on project management issues and best practices.