The most common pattern of nonprofit financial capacity building moves from almost exclusive grant-supported funding towards donation-supported funding over time. When properly nurtured, an organization acquires loyal individual donors as well as committed foundations. Learning how to cultivate and steward these relationships is key to diversifying an organization’s funding so that its stability and sustainability increase to a level at which the organization can operate successfully–and even thrive–through economic downturns.

Nonprofit Solutions International offers training to help staff identify donor prospects and coaching to help your board of directors cultivate donor prospects, as well as open foundation doors for your organization. (See How We Work with You under the main menu Consulting tab for more information.) 

We highly recommend that all nonprofit organizations initiate the following fundraising activities during their first 3 years:

  • Soliciting donations through website and social media
  • Participation in the AmazonSmile program
  • Board of directors and executive director cultivation of donors at the $1,000-$5,000 levels and above.  (Donations of $5,000 and above are considered major gifts.)
  • Crowdfunding (Indiegogo and Kickstarter are two well-known platforms). Allow 3 months for optimal preparation.
  • A yearly fundraising social event to create, cultivate, and solidify loyalty relationships between the organization and donors
  • An annual appeal from the president at Thanksgiving, before donors have exhausted their charitable giving at the year’s end
  • A sports-related charity event appropriate for everyone, such as a Fun-Run/Walk, Volleyball Tournament, or Softball Game
  • Matching workplace/donor program