When it Comes to Stewardship, Don’t Forget that Grantmakers Are Rainmakers, Too

In the world of fundraising, most professionals associate stewardship with individual donors or groups of donors, such as college alumni. In this context, stewardship specifically refers to the careful thanking and continuous engagement of those individuals who repeatedly give financial resources, and often volunteer hours as well, to a nonprofit organization’s cause. Stewardship activities include […]

Fundraising with Awareness Bracelets

Apr 15, 2016 Awareness bracelets have been used since the 1980’s as a popular way to show support for a particular cause.   They very well may have evolved from the metal bracelets that were designed to commemorate missing-in-action servicemen or captured POW’s of the Vietnam War.  The practice of bracelet-wearing, invented by a California student […]

Why It Pays to Consider Outside Advice When Selecting Your Board of Directors

Mar 11, 2016      Executive directors of nonprofit organizations are often very reluctant to take advice from consultants on the composition of their board of directors. Most EDs seem to view their board choices as highly personal: “I can work with Meghan,”  “Frank is really high-energy and he always comes to meetings–I can count on […]